Best organic lavender essential oil – Top secrets you should know about

Laura Madison
16 Oct , 2022


It may not be beneficial, but it is beautiful.
And sometimes it is enough."
  ― Vera Nazarian, the Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration 


People are now tending towards the natural and organic source of treatment. They find it useful and out of side effects. Lavender essential oil is just an organic and natural source of medicine. The everyday use of essential lavender oil is in aromatherapy. The organic lavender essential oil is best suited to the skin of the human body. A study conducted in 2016 found that lavender oil is responsible for growing more hair than usual. Besides, lavender oil shows its magic in foods and beverages as a flavor ingredient. Moreover, the cosmetic and medicine industry cannot ignore the importance of lavender oil. To enjoy the full show of lavender essential oil, stay with this article till the end. Don't miss any piece of words. 

What is an organic lavender essential oil?

Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia essential oil, comes from the flower spikes of lavender. Organic lavender oil comes from steam distillation where no contamination exists. Since the beginning of civilization, the lavender essential oil has helped people un their problems as a natural remedy source. A team of researchers from Iran conducted a research to find whether lavender oil helps to reduce the pain of children after tonsils removal. To relieve your stress, pain and spell your insomnia out, lavender essential oil plays a crucial role with its best medical support. Researchers found whether lavender essential oil tends to ease premenstrual emotional symptoms.


How to use lavender essential oil 

There are several ways to use lavender essential oil. Here are some common examples. 



The smart way to use lavender essential is aromatherapy. To get this job okay, you need to put some drops of lavender essential oil in a diffuser. Some amount of water with the essential oil can make a quality scent which freshen up your nearby environment. For immediate reaction, a simple way is to place the oil on your inhaler, tissue, or on your hand. It will instead give faster relief. To have a deep and better sleep, place some drops of oil in a spray bottle with water and spray in your room where you sleep. The entire environment will give you an excellent sleep, and you will love it.



Massage is another option of using lavender essential oil. Diluting essential oil with a carrier oil like extra virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil is ideal for massage. A massage with essential oil can be a useful way to choose without any doubt to relax your muscles. 



Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, the lavender essential oil can fight against acne. So what you need to use it? It is effortless and easy. Add some drops of essential oil in your moisturizer or non-comedogenic carrier oil to have more significant benefits. Use the diluted oil on your acne and wash it after 1-2 hours, and you will see the results after continuous use for 10-15 days. 



Another effective way to use lavender essential oil is to take a capsule. Lavender oil capsules are a perfect and effective way to take the benefits of lavender essential oil. 


Best Organic Lavender Essential Oil – Top Secrets You Should Know About


Organic lavender essential oil benefits

The benefits of lavender oil are countless. If we talk about its real benefits, then some expected benefits arrive before us. Here we go.


1.Fungal infections

A study from the Journal of Medical Microbiology showed that lavender essential oil could fight against antifungal-resistant infections.  Most importantly, the lavender oil diminishes the strains that cause the infections on your skin. Besides, it can damage the membranes of fungal cells and keep you fit and healthy for work. 


2.Wound healing

A study found that using lavender essential oil has an acceleratory effect on the wounded area. The healing properties of lavender essential oil can absorb the wounded area's pain and give it proper healing in just some days.


3.Hair loss

When your scalps get infected, you see the hair shedding. Using lavender essential oil on your scalp can treat your scalp infections and remove the dryness from your scalp. As a result, you can see the less hair fall and even the regrowth of your hair. A study conducted in 2014 found that using lavender essential oil on the scalp can reduce common scalp related problems like itchy scalps, dandruff, and scalp infections. Besides, using lavender essential oil can treat the common disease called alopecia areata, which is more responsible for hair fall from any body part. 


4.Anxiety disorder and related conditions

International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice revealed that Silexan, a capsule made of lavender essential oil, can reduce anxiety disorder and related conditions. It will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the brain's parts that tend to reduce the level of anxiety and disorder. Dr. M. Kritsidima states that using lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety in the dentists' waiting room.



People nowadays take sleeping pills and other medicines to enjoy proper and deep sleep, but all are harmful to health. Lavender essential oil is known as a great sleeping aid for people. Placing some drops of essential oil in a diffuser can be another way to boost the volume of your sleep. You may ask how? When you place your diffuser in your room, the aroma of lavender essential oil can trigger your sleeping volume up. So, the organic solution to insomnia is just by using lavender essential oil. 


6.Boost your mind

People always demand happiness. But how do you bring this into your life? The way is so simple and easy. Using lavender essential oil diffuser can swing your mind, and you will always enjoy the happiness in your life. A study found that using lavender essential oil plays a crucial role in swinging people's moods, and it can even fight against depression and anxiety. 


7.Fight against migraines

Migraine is a common problem people are facing nowadays. Instead of taking medicine, the natural source of treatment is always better. Using lavender essential oil on your forehead and neck can provide you relief and give you a migraine-free life. So, as a wise and smart person, you should use lavender essential oil to say good-bye to migraine. 


8.Ease menstrual pain

Every woman on this earth faces this problem. Nature has given an easy solution to this problem. Using lavender essential oil can ease menstrual pain. A study conducted in 2014 showed that inhaling lavender oil can reduce dysmenorrhea and menstrual bleeding. So, lavender oil is the natural remedy for every woman during her menstrual time.  

Various uses of Lavender Essential oil

We can see many types of uses of lavender essential oil in our daily life. Here are some typical applications of lavender essential oil given below. 



The cosmetic industry needs lavender essential oil to make cosmetic products. The fragrance of lavender oil has earned itself a fair use for cosmetics. A study found that each type of cosmetic needs a good flavor. Lavender essential oil is used to provide that flavor. 


2.Hand Sanitizer:

People use lavender essential oil to have nature like hand sanitizer. Essential lavender oil is one of the main elements of hand sanitizer. A Study found that lavender essential oil can fight against fungus, which brings illnesses to the human body. Regular use of lavender essential oil can spell the germs out of your body.


3.Natural Deodorant

Using lavender essential oil can be the natural deodorant for your arm odor. The antibacterial properties of this oil can remove the odor perspiration of your underarm. The containing compounds in lavender essential oil can fight against the odor of your underarm. 


4.Boost Wound Healing

To get wonderful relief from the wounded area, you can use lavender essential oil. The research found that lavender essential oil can be the driver to cut down the inflammation and boost wound healing. 

Side effects of lavender essential oil

Though there is less possibility to have side effects of using the lavender essential oil, the possible side effects could be 


  1. Severe drowsiness
  2. Constipation
  3. Headache
  4. Increased appetite
  5. Skin irritation

 N: B. If you find any of them in your regular life, stop using the lavender essential oil and ask for help from your physician. 

How to choose the right lavender essential oil

The FDA does not regulate lavender essential oil. So, the responsibility is yours to find out the best brand. The following factors can help you to get the best one out of many.



Lavandula angustifolia turns to be the most analyzed form of lavender and brings the most calming effects on the mind and body together. 



Lavender essential oil or lavender oil, which one you choose? Confused right? The two terms are almost the same. You should look for an essential oil instead of oil. Lavender oil could mean a fragrance oil. So, try to pick the needed one. 



The method of extraction is essential to determine the right lavender essential oil. Always choose a lavender essential oil that is steam distilled.



East or west organic is the best. Non-organic lavender essential oil always contains dust, pesticides, herbicides, etc. The organic one is free from this bad stuff. Therefore, it is used to inhale and ingest. 



Price is an essential factor to influence the purchase intention of lavender essential oil. In the case of lavender essential oil, costlier is always better. High-quality essential oil is always costly to process. So, lavender essential oil needs a slightly high cost to buy.

Premium Quality Lavender Essential Oil

To be very honest, it is quite a tough thing to find the premium quality lavender essential oil in the market, especially when low-quality essential oil grabs the market. Natural Riches  ORGANIC LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL. The most crucial factor of this brand is that it maintains the highest quality standard. When you use this oil as massage oil, you should use it with carrier oil. It is also famous for pain relief, anti-inflammation, body and mind healing, and skincare use.


  • A very affordable product
  • The smell is nice
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Remove insomnia 


  • Having an allergic reaction
  • Causes constipation


Question-1. Does lavender essential oil affect hormones?

Answer: Lavender oil and tea tree oil comes with compounds which support or enforce the actions of sex hormones and could be considered endocrine disruptors. Most importantly, the consistent exposure to lavender essential oil is attached to women's premature breast development, found from research conducted by NIEHS scientists.


Question-2. Can I put lavender oil in my lotion?

Answer: You can add lavender essential oil to moisturizing oil or lotions. It is preferable to add a few drops of lavender essential oil for your moisturizer's quick action. Adding some drops of lavender essential oil will not only make your skin smell fantastic but also provides a deep relief in your sore muscles. Besides, it works as a supertonic for your headache. 


Question-3. What does lavender oil do for hair?

Answer: Lavender essential oil makes your hair healthy and shiny, keeps it free from dandruff. Moroccan argan oil moisturizes, nourishes, and provides antioxidants to hair. Rosemary oil makes the roots strong, develops hair growth, and boosts blood circulation in the scalp. Using lavender essential oil on your scalp can treat your scalp infections and remove the dryness from your scalp.


Question-4. Where do you apply essential oils for anxiety?

Answer: When a client arrives, and they are stressed out, I typically place a couple of drops to a carrier oil and massage it into their neck and shoulders. A few drops on the chest or neck with some deep breathing will help you relax and calm your mind.


Question-5. Is lavender good for depression?

Answer: Lavender essential oil is used to reduce depression and develop the quality of sleep and pain. It will drastically reduce the tension level and drives you out of depression. Recently, Hassan zadeh et al. stated that aromatherapy with lavender essential oils lessens fatigue levels in patients who undergo hemodialysis than the Benson relaxation techniques.


Question-6. How do essential oils work for anxiety?

Answer: When you inhale the fragrance of lavender essential oil, the scent molecules in essential oils will move from the olfactory nerves to the brain. It will then reach the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, reduce the anxiety level of your brain, and make you cheerful. Besides, the lavender essential oil can also be absorbed by the skin.


Question-7. Does lavender increase serotonin?

Answer: Brain scans that use positron emission tomography show that lavender essential oil performs via serotonin-1A receptors in the brain, decreasing their binding potential so that levels of free serotonin and related neurotransmitters can rise, which results in reduced anxiety.


Question-8. Can the lavender essential oil be ingested?

Answer: Lavender essential oil can result in skin irritation or an allergic reaction in many people. Consuming lavender essential oil can come with toxic effects. Most importantly, this remedy should not ingest without the proper consultation of medical staff. 


Conclusion: Organic lavender essential oil is like a woman in a green dress. It always gives the softness of its fragrance to the environment. From hair to your skin, lavender essential oil plays a significant role in healing everything. It has already gained popularity in caring hair. A study conducted in 2012 showed that people get more relaxed, pleasant, and enjoy a better mood when inhaling the fragrance of lavender essential oil. 


In this article, we have tried a lot to draw all the benefits, uses, and side effects of using lavender essential oil. I hope you get all the details regarding the best organic lavender essential oil. If you miss any part of the necessary information, let us know by commenting on the comment section. 


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