PURE Organic Nigella Sativa USDA Certified Premium Black Cumin Seed Oil GLASS BOTTLE Highest TQ up to 3% Undiluted Cold Pressed No Solvents Vegan Non-GMO 8 oz Blackseed Kalonji Omega

$ 24.00


Product Details

  • HIGHEST POTENCY POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Organic, Cold-pressed, Pure, Black Seed Oil packed with super antioxidants Nigellone and Thymoquinone. Our Black Seed oil can contain up to 3% thymoquinone which is more than other black seed oils. This may help get more healthy cells and a stronger immune system.
  • BLACK SEED OIL PACKED WITH POWERFUL NUTRIENTS: This Black Seed Oil, may help with cardiovascular health. Also help get shiny, healthier hair, and great glowing skin. Powerful omegas, amino acids and antioxidants in the oil add strength and fullness to hair, and support healthier looking skin.
  • BLACK SEED OIL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTION (pain relief): Nigellone and Thymoquinone present in the oil may offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits (Pain Relief). Black seed oil may help support joint comfort and mobility. WEIGHT LOSS: Ideal for people with poor digestion. It may help calm intestinal muscles, provide digestive comfort and curb appetite so you stay fuller longer. May thus accelerate weight loss.
  • PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH: Our Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil) 1-2 teaspoons daily will help you accelerate weight loss, strengthen your hair and help get a goodnight’s sleep. People have used Black Seed Oil for its therapeutic benefits for thousands of years.
  • 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our oil is the best in the market. We GUARANTEE it with a LIFETIME hassle-free money back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll refund you your order if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Try our oil risk-free.


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