10 Best lavender essential oil diffuser benefits

Akash H
04 Dec , 2020

“We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know, I have done so...

In the morning, know that you are Loved, You Are Love and You Love."

― Lisa Bellini

Lavender is just not a kind of oil; rather it is a source of fragrance as well.  Its versatile use has made it popular.

Placing lavender essential oil in the diffuser has lots of benefits that you cannot imagine. If you ended up struggling to understand the lavender essential oil diffuser benefits, then you have come to the exact place to enhance your knowledge on lavender essential oil diffuser.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that putting lavender essential oil in a diffuser at your home can spread its fragrance inside the room and gives you a wonderful sleep.

Making your room filled with fragrance is not the single duty of essential lavender diffuser. It renders its action to the health of people with its healing properties.



organic lavender essential oil

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Organic lavender essential oil benefits

The benefits of lavender oil are countless. If we talk about its fundamental benefits, then some common benefits arrive before us. Here we go....


 1. Fungal infections

 A study from the Journal of Medical Microbiology showed that lavender essential oil could be able to fight against antifungal-resistant infections.

Most importantly, the lavender oil diminishes the strains that cause the infections on your skin. Besides, it can damage the membranes of fungal cells and keep you fit and healthy for work.


2. Wound healing

A study found that using lavender essential oil has an acceleratory effect on the wounded area.

The healing properties of lavender essential oil can absorb the pain of wounded area and give it a proper heal in just some days.


3. Hair loss

When your scalps get infected, you see the hair shedding. Using lavender essential oil on your scalp can treat your scalp infections and remove the dryness from your scalp. As a result, you can see the less hair fall and even the regrowth of your hair.

A study conducted in 2014 found that using a lavender essential oil on the scalp can reduce the common scalp related problems like itchy scalps, dandruff, and scalp infections.

Besides, using lavender essential oil can treat the common disease called alopecia areata, which is more responsible for hair fall from any part of the body.


4. Anxiety disorder and related conditions

International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice revealed through an article that Silexan, a capsule made of lavender essential oil, can reduce anxiety disorder and related conditions.

It will certainly have a positive impact on the parts of the brain that tends to reduce the level of anxiety and disorder.

Dr. M. Kritsidima states that using lavender essential oil can reduce the anxiety on the dentists' waiting room.



To enjoy the proper and deep sleep, people nowadays take sleeping pills, and other medicines but all are harmful to health.

Lavender essential oil is known as the great sleeping aid for people. Placing some drops of essential oil in a diffuser can be another way to boost the volume of your sleep. You may ask how?

When you place your diffuser in your room, the aroma of lavender essential oil can trigger your sleeping volume up.

So, the organic solution to insomnia is just by using lavender essential oil.


6. Boost your mind

People always demand happiness. But how do you bring this in your life? The way is so simple and easy.

Using lavender essential oil diffuser can swing your mind, and you will always enjoy the happiness in your life.

A study found that using lavender essential oil plays a crucial role in swinging people's moods, and it can even fight against depression and anxiety.


7. Fight against migraines

Migraine is a common problem people are facing nowadays. Instead of taking medicine, the natural source of treatment is always better.

Using lavender essential oil on your forehead and neck can provide you with relief and give you a migraine-free life.

So, as a wise and smart person, you should use lavender essential oil to say good-bye to migraine.


8. Ease menstrual pain

Every woman on this earth faces this problem. Nature has given an easy solution to this problem. Using lavender essential oil can ease the menstrual pain.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that inhaling lavender oil can reduce dysmenorrhea and the amount of menstrual bleeding.

So, lavender oil is the natural remedy for every woman in her menstrual time.


Lavender essential oil uses

We can see the various uses of lavender essential oil in today's world. People make cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizer, etc.

Today we will discuss the all related facts of its usages. Let's shoot.


1. Perfume:

Without perfume, your life is totally imperfect. You cannot think of a party for even a second without a better quality perfume.

Lavender essential oil is one of the main elements of perfume. The fragrance of lavender essential oil makes the perfume effective for usages.

Perfume industry cannot ignore the importance of essential lavender oil. So, using essential lavender oil is a common phenomenon in the perfume industry.


2. Cosmetics:

People use cosmetics in their daily life. Cosmetics are something that people use to enhance their beauty.

To make cosmetics, essential lavender oil plays an important role. The cosmetics industry experience the regular usages of lavender essential oil.

Making soap, body lotion, powder, etc. requires the lavender essential oil.


3. Natural Deodorant:

Using natural deodorant is always a better and preferable option for people who love to use the organic source of refreshment.

Using lavender essential oil can be a great organic source of natural deodorant. Removing the odor from your underarm, lavender essential oil plays an effective role.

So, you can use this type of essential oil as a natural deodorant for a better and refreshed day.


4. Medicine:

A capsule made of lavender essential oil can control the anxiety disorder. Looking for an organic source of medicine is always a better option.

So, using lavender essential oil as the natural source of treatment is always the wise and exact decision for people who look for a natural remedy.


organic lavender essential oil

Get organic lavender essential oil  And Try The Treatment At Home



Essential oil for diffuser

Various ways are out there to spray the fragrance inside your room.  The wise decision is to choose the safer and easier option.

Using a diffuser is the good and smart trend for dispersing the natural oil on the air. It will freshen up your room and remove your anxiety. Besides, it will help you to improve your sleep.

Here we will discuss three types of the essential oil diffuser. Let's begin.


Nebulizing diffuser

It is one of the excellent diffusers. This diffuser is a great option for internal support, like skin irritation and pain.

More importantly, this type of diffuser spread the molecules so fast without changing the chemical compounds of the lavender essential oil. Thus, it retains the effective benefits and aroma of the essential oil.

The critical fact of this diffuser is that it requires no heat but needs much amount of essential oil in comparison to other types of diffusers.


Ultrasonic diffuser

Ultrasonic diffuser is the most common type of aromatherapy diffuser.  The critical fact of this diffuser is that it needs water to disperse the concentrated oil to retain the maximum benefits and aroma of the essential oil.

Most importantly,  this diffuser works as a humidifier and gives you dry air. In winter, it works better. Plus, for the windowless homes, this diffuser purifies the air inside your room with the essential oil.

Moreover, this diffuser is an ideal option for oils that are used for emotional support like insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, and memory.


Evaporative diffusers

The filter or pad of this diffuser makes the proper distribution of the essential oil, and the fan of this diffuser circulates the essential oils.

The real fact of this diffuser is that it makes noise while operated, but the fan of this diffuser evaporates the essential oil faster and circulates the essential oils throughout the room.


How to use lavender oil for sleep

A good sleep always brings a good morning even the better day indeed. When you have a wonderful sleep at night, your mind will give you a better support while you maintain a lot of workloads and stresses.

At this hectic world, people are getting less time to have a wonderful sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause a lot of problems in human life. These are like.


  • Decreased concentration
  • Increased irritability
  • Difficulty performing tasks
  • Caffeine and drug addiction
  • Mood imbalances



To get rid of these problems, the effective solution is to use the essential lavender oil. It will give you the improved sleep.

But the very critical question is how to use this for sleep. Don't worry; we will tell you the ways so, go with us.


Way-1. Apply to your face

There are lots of ways to use this type of oil for improved sleep. But the common and effective way is that you can use it the place where the smell easily reaches your nose and you feel relaxed to have a deep sleep.


Way-2. Lavender Oil as a diffuser

People are tending to use the diffuser for essential lavender. Due to its huge benefits,  people use a diffuser to improve the better sleep.

Around 1 hour before going to bed for sleep, diffuse the essential lavender oil in your room. It will create a wonderful environment in your room that will drive you with a wonderful sleep.


Way-3. Pour a few drops onto your pillow.

Pouring a few drops of essential lavender oil on your sleeping pillow can be a wonderful source which can bring an improved sleep for you.

The fragrance of lavender essential oil can gift you a wonderful sleep. People are using this technique for enjoying the wonderful sleep.


How to use  essential oil for diffuser           

A diffuser intends to spread the essential oil into the air and make the environment fresh. However, it is important to learn the use of essential oil for the diffuser.

Here are some ways out.

Simply inhale

The easiest way to inhale the essential lavender oil is to open the bottle of the organic essential oil. Then try to inhale the fragrance of essential oil deeply for a couple of minutes. Make sure that the undiluted oil won't reach your skin.

In the case of the steam method, you need to carry a bowl of hot water and a towel. Put the bowl on a table or a flat place and mix a few drops of essential oil.

Put a towel over your head and the bowl.  Inhale the steam for a few minutes after closing your eyes. Do it for again and again for some times. You could see the results.

When you will disperse the essential oils in the air, try to make it out of the reach of pregnant women, children, and pets. It could be dangerous to their healths.


Dry evaporation

This method just needs some dry component like a cotton ball or fabric.

Mix some drops of essential oil to the material. Keep this to your nose and inhale deeply or let the scent disperse naturally.

Moreover, you can mix the component to the vents in your car, your shirt collar, or your pillowcase. It will show its real actions.


How to use essential oils on your skin

Essential oils are used for skin care and massage in a number of ways. Mix essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil and use the mixture to your skin.

Maintain a recipe or your intuition to get a rollerball mixture so that you can get your favourite combination on your hand.

Pay proper attention to the areas of your muscular pain, tightness, and tension. Plus, you may wipe the oil on the pressure points like your temples, wrists, and third eye.

Besides, people can use the oils to massage their feet and put some drops around their noses.

Finally, another way is to mix essential oils to your favourite cosmetic products, like toners, serums, and muscle rubs.

But always try to prioritize the diluted option with other carrier oils like coconut and jojoba oil.


How to use essential oils in a bath or shower

It is preferable to use the essential oils outside of the bathroom due to heat and humidity. However, you can use this in various ways in your bath or shower. Mix some drops of essential oils to your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

To inhale essential oils when you shower, mix some drops of essential oil into the walls of your bathroom and inhale deeply when you shower.

Alternatively, mix some drops of diluted essential oil to a warm washcloth that can be used for inhalation and to exfoliate your body gently.

Mix some drops of essential oils with a carrier oil before mixing it to your bathwater. Alternatively, you can use an essential oil salt bath or bubble bath product.


How to use essential oils in a humidifier

If you prefer to mix some essential oils to your humidifier, go with the manufacturer’s directions. Some ultrasonic humidifier manufacturers don't encourage the use of essential oils.

To use essential oils in a humidifier, mix some drops of essential oil into the water tank. The oil will naturally vaporize throughout the room. For the effective results, you can take a cool mist and wash your humidifier regularly.


Precautions for using essential lavender oils

To avoid the risks of using essential lavender oil, just use it more carefully. Please don't take it internally.

People who shouldn’t take essential lavender oil without the proper and exact recommendations of doctors include:


  • Older adults
  • Children younger than 12
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding


Plus, be sure to count pets in the environment.  However, some essential oils can cause danger for pets.

Consult your doctor before using essential lavender oil if you get any medications or have any health concerns, which include high blood pressure, low immunity, or epilepsy.

To get more information about the specific treatment plan, you can consult with a certified aromatherapist.



 organic lavender essential oil

Get organic lavender essential oil  And Try The Treatment At Home



Best organic lavender essential oil review:

We have needed a long time and in-depth research to find out the best quality organic lavender essential oil.

The great brand called Natural Riches presents the best quality essential lavender oil name ORGANIC LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL.

Most importantly, this oil gives you a wonderful fragrance that is useful for improved sleep. It will give you a unique fragrance in the market.

The manufacturer of this oil regularly checks the components of this oil to ensure the highest standard and quality.

Plus, the oil is a wonderful solution to headache. This oil always combats insomnia and anxiety.

People from all walks can afford this oil due to its budget-friendly option. The fresh and organic scent of this lavender essential oil has crossed the hearts of the millions of the users.




  • A very affordable product
  • The smell is nice
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Remove insomnia



  • Having an allergic reaction
  • Causes constipation




Question-1. What essential oil works well with lavender?

Answer: Many essential oil components recommend using a combination of lavender, lemon, and peppermint oil to get rid of allergy symptoms, and demand that lavender is a natural antihistamine.

Question-2. What happens if you use too much lavender essential oil?

Answer: When you take essential lavender oil by mouth, it might be the reason for being constipation, headache, and increased appetite.

When you apply this oil to the skin,  it is maybe safe while it is applied to the skin in medicinal amounts.

Finally, using this oil can sometimes result in irritation, though this is not usual. When you inhale this type of essential oil,  it also might be safe only when you inhale it as aromatherapy.

Question-3. Can I mix bergamot and lavender?

Answer: With the proper essential oils around it, lavender essential oil might come to your life in a totally new way.

The Introduction of lavender essential oil with its perfect bedfellow - fresh and bright Bergamot is just the wonderful combination.

The wonderful blend of the bergamot and lavender oil can change the entire game of your life, and you love its usages.

Question-4. How much essential oil do I put in a carrier?

Answer: When you dilute essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil, it's important to pursue the dilution guidelines.

When you make the solution for adult ones, 2.5 percent dilution: 15 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil while in 3 percent dilution: 20 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil.

Question-5. Does lavender oil calm you down?

A study showed that the anxiolytic effect of lavender played a superior role to placebo in 221 patients suffering from an anxiety disorder.

In addition to that, using lavender essential oil boosted the associated symptoms like restlessness, disturbed sleep, and somatic complaints and had a beneficial influence on general well-being and quality of life.

 Question-6. What does lavender oil do for hair?

Answer: Lavender essential oil repairs your hair. Besides, it keeps your hair shiny and helps to combat dandruff.

Moroccan argan oil moisturizes, nourishes, and gives antioxidants to hair. Plus, rosemary essential oil makes the roots strong, develops the hair growth, and boost the blood circulation in the scalp.



Placing essential lavender oil in the diffuser is the game-changer. People use this oil in a number of ways. But only the real and wise user chooses diffuser to use this.

Learning the lavender essential oil diffuser benefits can make the difference between wise and unwise users. 

In our article, we have focused on the essential points, usages, and benefits of using the lavender oil and the diffuser.

To learn anything more, don't hesitate to put a comment on the comment section.

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