Know What is The Wonder Of Hyaluronic Acid And Its Benefits from Skin Experts opinion

Sanjib Das
25 Feb , 2022

The Wonder Of Hyaluronic Acid And Its Benefits for skin

Human beings are becoming so beauty conscious day by day. Every day you encounter new skin trends on the social media platform. The sole purpose is to find such an ingredient that is convenient and leads to an amazing return back to our skin.

One such skin beauty that adds shine and glow to your skin is Hyaluronic acid. It's making a permanent place in the skin regime of everyone obsessed with glow skin. Even some dermatologists prefer Hyaluronic acid injection directly to the skin. It helps in achieving fresh skin which is wrinkle-free plus hydrates skin.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

In the common language of a dermatologist, it is known as the (HA). Our human body does naturally produce Hyaluronic acid.  Plus, it is synthesized by an enzyme known as Hyaluronic acid synthase. The lab technicians use the method of bio-fermentation for preparing it.

Though it is naturally produced in the human body with aging, the hyaluronic acid decreases. Along with with-it collagen and elastin also get reduced. Thus, your skin starts to develop wrinkles, fine lines, and no glow is left on the skin.

Benefits of the Hyaluronic Acid

People using Hyaluronic acid for their skin are receiving great results. Below are some of the major benefits to the skin through the application of Hyaluronic acid: -

  • Acts as a natural moisturizer: - its working mechanism is such that it draws moisture from the surrounding air which keeps the skin moist. It retains the water capacity in the body. Hyaluronic acid is not just a moisturizer but holds the potential to store extra moisture.
  • Healing of the wounds: - It works upon tissue regeneration which is responsible for the healing up of the wounds. Eventually, it helps in building up more blood vessels to the affected skin area. Regular application reduces the size of wounds and decreases the pain too.
  • Improves the skin texture: - when a person regularly applies it reduces the roughness of the skin. The skin becomes tighter and firmer. You can experience the smoothness feel on your skin.
  • Produces anti-aging benefits: - with increasing age presence of wrinkles becomes more visible on the skin. The elasticity of the skin does improve in remarkable change.
  • A gift to skin diseases: - according to dermatologists' Hyaluronic acid is beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases. It improves symptoms of Eczema
  • Increases the hydration: - Dermatologists use Hyaluronic acid as "Humectant". It has the potential for the skin to hold water. Thus, hydrated skin looks more radiant and more glowing and refreshing.
  • Posses anti-wrinkle properties: - Hyaluronic acid helps in the retention of water in the skin thus keeping the skin soft and full of moisture. This led to the stoppage of upcoming wrinkles lines.
  • Decreases pimples and redness of face: - it has the property of controlling excess sebum production which prevents pore blockages. You could see in reducing the redness of the face.
  • No more puffy eyes: - Your puffy eyes and dark circles can make replenish your glow. With the regular application of hyaluronic acid, you can add moisture under the delicate skin of the eyes. Even it helps in the reduction of the darkness of eyes.

How I can add Hyaluronic acid to my skin regime?

It's very easy to apply Hyaluronic acid onto the skin. Initially, you need to cleanse your skin with the right kind of cleanser. After that dampen your skin to a little dry state. Direct application of this on cotton and then applying to face is best convenient manner.

Apply it on your whole face which should be followed by sunscreen and moisturizer. However, do remember that hyaluronic acid can react with other ingredients. Avoid taking it along with alpha-hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, and some types of vitamin C.


Hyaluronic acid helps in the promotion of the regeneration of the skin where it acts as barrier protection and provides hydration. You can apply it on the daily basis and get surprising results. Even you could vibrant complexion with regular application of Hyaluronic acid.



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