Is tea tree shampoo and conditioner good for hair?

Sanjib Das
31 Jan , 2022

Is tea tree shampoo and conditioner good for hair?

Plant extract is a great alternative to medicines with many health benefits. Tea tree oil is a plant extract obtained from Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which treats skin infection and acne problems. It is also helpful in reducing dandruff keeping hair clean and strong. Tea tree oil is the best answer to your hair problems and has therapeutic properties.


Dandruff is a condition that makes the scalp itchy, dry and as a result, your skin sheds flakes onto your clothes, making you feel embarrassed. People with dandruff or other hair-related problems don’t need any medical treatment as following simple home remedies can help them improve their hair condition. Washing hair with shampoo and conditioner that contains an important ingredient called tea tree oil is very helpful.


Tea tree oil is obtained from distillation and extracted of tea tree leaves. This oil has many antiseptic properties that help control nail fungus, dandruff, lice, mites and treat insect bites athlete’s foot, cut wounds, and acne.


Importance of tea tree shampoo and conditioner

Many shampoos contain this essential tea tree oil that helps in soothing the scalp and provides effective nutrients that can reduce flakiness, itchiness, and dandruff from the scalp. It has the following features-

Antifungal and antimicrobial properties. 

Tea tree shampoo effectively cleans away dead skin, oil, dirt, and chemical buildup on your scalp.

Unlocking the pores 

Tea tree oil is used in shampoos and conditioners to improve the health of your scalp by reducing dandruff formation and unlocking the pores. Tea tree shampoo and conditioner helps to strengthen the hair roots.

Reducing yeast 

Tea tree shampoo and conditioner helps in reducing dandruff by reducing the buildup yeast in your hair scalp, which is the main cause for hair problems and dandruff. It also provides relief from the following problems-

  • Red patches
  • Scaly scalp
  • Loss of hair patches
  • Itching scalp
  • The yellow crust on the scalp


How to use tea tree shampoo and conditioner? 

Use a shampoo and conditioner that contains at least 5% tea tree oil. This oil is helpful as it effectively manages fungi and yeast, which contributes to dandruff and other hair problems. You should shampoo more in case you are shampooing less. Irregular shampooing can make hair problems and dandruff worse. You can also supplement tea tree oil with other essential oils like castor oil and coconut oil. These oils help keep scalp infection and dandruff free.


Importance of tea tree oil on your hair 

Tea tree oil helps to manage hair loss and dandruff problems. Today hair products use severe chemicals that weaken hair follicles. That’s why switch to a shampoo that contains tea tree oil that will prevent the buildup of chemicals and dead skin. In this way, you can keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Research says that tea tree shampoo help to grow hair and get rid of unwanted hair. It causes no adverse effects and makes your hair and scalp healthy. According to researchers, this oil improves greasiness and reduces hirsutism.



Tea tree oil helps treat dandruff. Look for this ingredient in your shampoo and conditioner. It is better to test it on your skin as it may irritate a few people. Seek medical attention in case you develop an allergic reaction. If you don’t see any problems, continue applying the tea tree shampoo and conditioner to your hair. Shampoo and conditioner use a mild dose of tea tree oil, and there are fewer chances of an allergic reaction.

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