How to use lavender essential oil for face

Akash H
01 Dec , 2020

Lavender essential oil is obtained by distilling flowers of lavender plant. It helps with skin inflammation and lessens face wrinkles. It may also be used to treat and improve your hair .

Lavender oil is used in creams, lotions, oils, and perfumes and soaps.  It has may uses (Topical application, aromatherapy, or ingestion)



What Is Lavender Oil?

Essential oils are used for skin, face, and for many restorative hair treatments.  The most famous of all Essential oils is Lavender. It has become an inescapable fundamental oil and a great choice for many.  That is why this oil is extremely popular all over the world. This oil is collected from the lavender flowers and has a fresh and pleasant smell. It has many types of health benefits. People use this oil for many skin problems and diseases, like fungal infections, hair loss problems, flaky skin problems, and many more.

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 organic lavender essential oil

Get organic lavender essential oil  And Try The Treatment At Home


How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Face

Lavender Essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils of all. It is an important oil extracted from the lavender flowers.  It can be applied to the face, skin, and for aromatherapy. The lavender oil is beneficial for skin and face in many ways. This oil can help lighten skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

Dilute the oil perfectly: The lavender essential oil is potent and needs to be diluted with a carrier oil before use. Moreover, it can be combined with a lotion or cream to dilute them. If you are mixing it in a cream, please select an unscented cream and free from lanolin. People can use Epsom salt and Lavender Essential oil to create your own Lavender scrub, but these salt scrubs are very harsh.  You can also create your own spray by mixing Lavender Oil with water and an emulsifier. It may help improve your skin.

Apply on the back of your ear and on your wrist:  Apply it on your wrist, ear and face. It is one of the most natural perfumes.

Add a few drops to your moisturizer:  Few drops will help moisturize.  Massage your face for a couple of minutes to achieve beautiful skin.

To get rid of wrinkles on your face: Lavender oil is full of antioxidants. Free radicals are responsible for skin and face wrinkles. Free radicals can be tackled by Lavender oil. Moreover, coconut oil mixtures with lavender oil are also very effective for wrinkles.  Dab the oil mixture of Coconut and Lavender on the wrinkle. You can use it two or three time in a day to help you get glowing skin.

Dab using cotton: Soak a piece of cotton with the oil mixture, and then dab onto your face. The antibacterial agents prevent bacteria and allow healing of acne.

Rub it onto the pimple: The oil is great as a facial toner. You can mix it with witch hazel. This oil helps reduce inflammation. Moreover, you can mix lavender with argan oil for your beauty regimen. This mixture is amazingly effective if used twice a day.

Use it on sunburn: Lavender oil is helpful for sunburn. You can mix aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons of fresh water, and jojoba oil. Then shake the mixture in a bottle. Try the oil daily twice a day.

Use it in a luxurious calming relaxing bath: This oil also is used for relaxation. Your worries will slip away. Soak in a relaxing bath. You can add drop of oil to your soap. It can be used for a luxurious bath. You can use the oil on temples. Moreover, you can massage your neck that provides relaxation to you.



organic lavender essential oil

Get organic lavender essential oil  And Try The Treatment At Home


Benefits of using lavender essential oil

Here are some of the benefits:

Lavender Oil for Uneasiness

Studies have indicated that lavender oil can positively affect diseases related to nervousness.  It is used in Medical establishment to calm and relax patient after and before surgery. To keep patients drug free.

Lavender Oil as a Calming Agent

Researchers have additionally discovered that lavender can battle irritation. An expert team of scientists investigated the impacts of this oil on repetitive aphthous ulcers. Analysts found that the lavender oil treatment decreased irritation, ulcer size, and the time the ulcers took to recuperate. It helps reduce healing time.

Fights Acne

It works well with skin break outs. Skin inflammation frequently erupts on oily skin. Oily skin produces sebum (your skin's characteristic oil), prompting obstructed pores and skin to break out with acne. Lavender oil works to kill bacteria, and this can prevent and heal acne breakouts. It unclogs pores and reduces inflammation when you put it on your skin. Lavender helps with skin irritation breakouts. It diminishes irritation when you put it on the skin. For skin aggravation mix it in coconut oil or any other carrier oil. This oil will enhance your beauty give you great skin. Is fit for facial application.

Use the oil as a part of your daily beauty regimen.  Mix it with tea tree oil. Moreover, Tea tree essential and Lavender mix will be  very effective for your beauty regimen , it will be a very powerful routine. It will protect your skin from all kinds of skin blemishes and infections.

Manage Stress

Benefits of lavender oil does not stop there. In a scientific investigation. They discovered that lavender oil helps with promoting Calm and Relaxation. A recent report discovered that lavender has healing properties helps ease and relax preoperative patients. 

Help with Bug Bites

Lavender oil can help relieve tension and stress; it also helps with calming the physical body. Specifically, skin flare-ups like dermatitis and psoriasis. They react well to lavender oil's mitigating properties.

An audit of the most famous essential oils and their dermatology capabilities ranked lavender highest for its capability to relax irritated skin when applied topically. Additionally, the oil demonstrated helping with psoriasis where flare-ups are regularly set off by uneasiness. It helps with bug bite.  It also combats Fungal Infections.

Lavender essential also oil has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Helps fight off candida .

This oil helps reduce flaky skin. Regular topical use of the oil will help you develop skin immunity. Resist skin infections and flare ups.

Lavender oil should be used by diluting it in carrier oil like coconut oil

  • Two drops of lavender oil
  • Two teaspoons of coconut oil
  • Use one drop of tea tree oil
  • Mix them together and use the mixture for all above.

Organic tea tree oil in the above mixture plays a vital role in keeping your skin, nails, hair healthy and great.


Wound-Healing properties

Lavender oil speeds up wound healing speed. Wound healing is a process involving cellular, physiological, and biochemical events developing in response to tissue damage.  Scientific studies demonstrated that subjects that used Lavender oil had faster wound healing.

Lavender essential oil benefits- improve Hair Health, Skin, and Face?

Lavender oil can likewise positively affect hair development. A more established investigation, from 1998, for instance, discovered that a blend of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and basic cedarwood oils may have helped with  alopecia areata — a typical immune system issue that causes balding of hair . You can use this Lavender oil to improve hair health.

Good for healthy hair

This oil is beneficial for your hair health.  Proper daily use can reduce the hair loss. This oil will keep your hair healthy prevent hair infection. May help fix hair loss.

It is Antimicrobial

This oil contains antimicrobial properties, noted in the 2014 audit.  It fights bacteria present in your hair. Help eliminate them, fights against dandruff   make your hair grow stronger shiny and healthier.

It is also effective against head lice.  Some experts argue that Lavender oil is more beneficial than tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal anti-bacterial properties. 

Lavender for skin

Lavender is, good for your skin health and body. Additionally, this oil is useful for scalp irritation. It works more effectively than is advertised!

Experts use this oil to treat skin abrasion or ulcers.  You can also Use this oil for minor skin cuts and abrasions.

Heavenly Aroma

Lavender carries a lovely floral aroma It helps calm your nerves. It is used for Aromatherapy for Calming

 Lavender Oil For Hair?

  1. Rub the Oil in your hair Smoothly and feel the difference mix it with carrier oil before application,
  1. Mix lavender oil with shampoo or conditioner and observe the result. you will be surprised!
  2. Mix it in water and spray it on your hair for a refreshing smell and healthier hair



organic lavender essential oil

Get organic lavender essential oil  And Try The Treatment At Home


Does the Oil Have Negative Issues?

Experts suggest mixing all essential oils with Carrier oil Before skin application or Application to the scalp. Prevent oil entering your eye

Safety Measures for Using This Oil

Never apply any undiluted essential oil directly to skin — Create  a blend with carrier oil before use.

In some rare cases certain individuals may be allergic to lavender please test it before use. Apply a small drop to the back of your arm and check for reaction before using in your regimen.

Keep it away from Children’s and avoid eye contact.

FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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  • For external use only 




Question 01: Does the oil treat pimples?

Answer: Studies show that it is antibacterial. which implies: It's incredible for your skin when it's breaking out. Lavender's antibacterial properties make it a phenomenal and delicate spot treatment. Simply add a couple of drops to some coconut oil and afterward utilize a Q-tip to apply it. Try the essential oil for making your face glow. It will help you get fresh shinny younger looking skin also.

 Question 02: Can lavender essential oil treat allergies?

Answer: Numerous studies suggest utilizing a blend of lavender, lemon, and peppermint oil help ease hypersensitivity also that lavender may carry antihistamine property. Please also consult your doctor and health care provider for allergy treatment.

 Question 03: Will adding this oil to my mascara causes my lashes to grow fast?

Answer: Adding lavender oil in mascara will help since Lavender has antibacterial antifungal properties it will help create a healthy environment and will facilitate hair growth and fights hair loss.



Studies have proved that lavender Essential oil has Calming and Stress relieving properties. It is also greatly beneficial to your skin and hair.  Lavender oil because of its healing properties may be used for healing wound and on irritated skin when utilized topically after mixing with carrier oils. Its excellent for Aromatherapy Massages and Beauty Regimens


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