How to use Five guard essential oil?

Sanjib Das
01 Feb , 2022

How to use Five guard essential oil? 

You can use this pure and natural composition of five guard essential oil to boost immunity through aromatic therapy and safety against harmful agents. Suppose you all know about the benefits of essential oils. In that case, you must have come across the five essential mineral oil that is also known as thieves oil and is actually a blend of different useful and essential oils. This oil includes the following-


Cinnamon comes from the bark, twigs, and leaves of the cinnamon tree


It comes from the undeveloped flower buds of a clove tree that is a species of Eugenia caryophyllata


It is made from the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant that is commonly found in Australia.


It is a citrus fruit obtained from the rinds of lemon


It is extracted from Rosmarinus Officinalis, a Rosemary herb


Five essential oils provide plenty of benefits like-

  • Boosting the function of your immunity system
  • Fighting against infections
  • It uplifts your mood and energizes your body
  • Helps in antimicrobial activities
  • Promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Fight against sinus congestion and nasal congestion


How to use this oil in everyday life? 

Here are some ways which suggest us how to use this essential oil in our daily lives


A device that helps in dispersing the sweet scent of the essential oil throughout the room is known as a diffuser. You can place this oil in a diffuser with water. In this way, this oil will help you elevate your mood, provide ambiance to the room, reduce anxiety or stress and promote alertness. You must read the product instructions carefully to use the essential oil for diffusion.

Steam inhalation

You can add the five essential oils to a bowl of steaming water for steam inhalation. In this way, the oil is vaporized by the hot water that lets it be inhaled with the steam and solves sinus and respiratory congestion issues. To use this oil for steam inhalation, follow the steps-

  • Add a few drops of this oil to steaming water
  • Lean over the bowl by placing a towel over your head
  • Keep your eyes closed and then deeply breathe in with your nose


This essential oil is useful as a massage oil. You need to dilute the thieves oil in another type of oil which is referred as the carrier oil. Coconut oil and jojoba oil is included in carrier oils. You should not apply the essential oils on your skin directly if it’s not diluted with a carrier oil. If you want to apply the massage oil to a big area, then use only one percent of the essential oil solution.

Lotion and cream

Essential oils can be added to unscented creams and lotions as it performs several functions like wound healing, soothing, and cleansing the wound. Like massage oils, you need to dilute the essential oils in your lotion or cream before directly applying them to the skin. The essential oil concentration is around 1-2.5 % for normal skin and 0.5-1% for sensitive skin as per the National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy.

Spray applications

Essential oils can be used in the form of a spray. It can enhance the room scent as a mild cleanser since it contains many antimicrobial properties. To have this oil in a spray, do the following steps.

  • Add a few drops of oil (10-15 drops per ounce of water). You can also use any dispersing agent to the solution to diffuse the oil into the water.
  • Shake it every time and then spray.

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