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By :Sanjib Das 0 comments

 Getting back to the old traditional methods for health regeneration is the new trend in the market. In this regard, essential oils are gaining popularity and becoming a favorite for every person who is looking for better skin.

Every beauty blogger and expert is highly stressed over the use of essential oil. Say new trends or a kind of obsession is seen amongst them regarding essential oils. You open your tube vlog you are sure to address or notice an ad for essential oil for sure. Though they are a little expensive but are becoming a part of the necessary skin regime of every person.

The market for essential oil is already booming and shall reach a massive approach to large population. It is common in aromatherapy to use essential oil. Those oils are absorbed through the skin and odor.

Essential oil is nothing but the plant extracts which are produced by steaming or pressing various parts of the plants. The plant parts include (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit). Eventually, these essential oils are quite expensive as pounds of plant extract does produce a single bottle of essential oil.

Benefits of intaking essential oils

The smell of it mesmerizes everyone and produces such a soothing effect on the mind of the person. You can use it as complementary medicine for improving your health-related issues.

Continue reading to learn the major benefits of using essential oils:-

• It boosts the mood

• Reduces the stress

• Provides quality sleep

• Decrease in anxiety level

• Nourishes hair and skin

• Significant improvement in inflammation and irritation of the skin

• Popular essential oils in the market

You may find numerous essential oils in the market. However, some are much popular due to their unique smell and excellent result. Below are some popular essential oils: -

• Rose oil

• Lavender oil

• Sandalwood oil

• Jasmin oil

• Peppermint oil

• Roman chamomilla oil

• Yang- yang oil

• Basil il

• Lemon oil

• Tea tree oil

How shall you use the essential oils?
There are primarily three methods for intaking these essential oils. They are as followed: -
• Inhaling the essential oils: - use the essential oil diffuser for the same. However, the other method is to use steam inhalation or by spraying method.
• Direct skin application: - some essential oils directly get absorbed through the skin. However, always dilute the essential oil before directly applying it to the skin.
• Oral intake: - some of the essential oils are orally digestible too. Though ask your skin expert before every dose of same.
Precautions to take the prior application of the essential oils
Adopting certain precautions before its application holds utmost importance. One must ponder on the facts like age plus present health conditions before its application. Moreover, check the medicinal value of the essential oil too.

Follow the below precautions before application of the essential oil: -

• Strictly adhere to the dosages and length of treatment
• Always wash and clean hands before usage of same
• While diffusing never exceed the 30 to 60-minute intervals
• Make sure to do a patch test before using it

Who should avoid taking essential oil?
Pregnant ladies are discouraged to use it in the initial months of pregnancy. Ladies who are pregnant should avoid taking essential oils during that tenure. But under the observation of experts using certain essential oils reduces anxiety and fear before the delivery process.
On other hand, infants and children are advised to not use it. Experts say that they have thinner skin and a less developed liver and immune system. Hence, they are more vulnerable and open to the toxicity of essential oil, if any.

Can application of essential oil produce any kind of side effect?
In general, there is hardly any report of attaining any kind of side effect due to its application. However, it may happen in certain cases. Read more below for the same: -
• Initially wash the affected part with plenty of water
• Gently wipe the affected area with clean cotton or cloth
• Use a fatty cream or oil on the affected area
• In the accidental intake of essential oil contact local poison control center
• Immediately drink full-fat milk
• Try to vomit the intake
Essential oil is the best option to get relaxation from the anxiety and depression. Many people do use it in form of medication form too. So, try these essential oil for reducing your stress.

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